Suresh Gyan Vihar University Distance MBA Overview 2024-25:

SGVU is a leading educational institute for pursuing Distance MBA program in the academic year 2024. Here we have created a detailed guide about distance learning courses offered by SGVU, including their admission procedure, fees, course structure, eligibility criteria, and ratings.

About SGVU

Located in Rajasthan, Suresh Gyan Vihar is considered to be one of the oldest educational institutions in India. It was established in 1938, and by 1985, it owned different government-funded schools to help students from underprivileged communities.

Gyan Vihar led the technical education field from 1999 until it started an engineering school in 2000. SGVU was awarded the title of “university” by the Government of Rajasthan, which is rare for any private university. Located in Rajasthan, Suresh Gyan Vihar is considered to be one of the oldest educational institutions in India.

It was established in 1938, and by 1985, it owned different government-funded schools to help students from underprivileged communities. Gyan Vihar led the technical education field from 1999 until it started an engineering school in 2000. SGVU was awarded the title of “university” by the Government of Rajasthan, which is rare for any private university.


It was accredited Grade “A” university by NAAC. It also has a good industry connect and holistic approach for student’s growth.

  • Awarded NAAC ‘A’ grade
By receiving an ‘A’ grade from the NAAC council of the Ministry of Human Resource Development in 2017, Suresh Gyan Vihar University became the first state private university in Rajasthan to do so. With around 50 universities, Rajasthan is popular among Indian students for studying higher education. However, public universities struggle to achieve this status, while private universities lag behind.

In a recent ranking released by Spain’s respected research council, the Spanish National Research Academy (CSIS), it decided to put SGVU on the 25th rank in India. CSIS ranks institutions across the globe based on the Google Scholar Citation Index of the researchers based at the institutes. They make sure to count each citation on a research paper published by university professors, researchers, and students.

The NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) evaluates several institutions on the basis of a broad spectrum of assessments. Gyan Vihar has proven to be a top-notch institution when it comes to innovation and technology.

Gyan Vihar provides a great curriculum aspect, the finest faculties, research, and consultancy, the best infrastructure, and learning opportunities with governance, leadership, and management for a better future.

Reasons For Choosing SGVU for Distance MBA Course:

To achieve higher goals in a career and manage busy schedules is a daunting task that only distance learning can solve. Suresh GyanVihar University’s Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE) provides alternative options outside conventional classroom teaching for all young and adult learners. It removes the obstacles for students and helps them overcome their limitations, such as their jobs, the lack of good educational institutions within reach, expensive higher qualifications, etc.

The university has introduced a wide range of contemporary learning options to train students in different sectors of specialization. SGVU provides a distance education programme that can upgrade your career and build you a better future.

The Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE) at Suresh GyanVihar University was started in 2012. The CDOE aims to serve the candidates who could not enter regular mode for higher education. Gyan Vihar University, CDOE, offers quality educational programmes, and there is a rising demand for these programmes in the changing global markets.

All the practical and theoretical sessions are conducted as per the norms decided by the University Grant Commission (UGC) and the Distance Education Council (DEC).

CDOE and SGVU also offer industry-oriented professional courses with updated input from experts in the particular field. The course structure is developed by the finest faculty members with education and industrial experience.

CDOE and SGVU aim to provide a quality education. They help students with constructively designed resource books and study references that not only contain updated information but also live classes,projects, and other relevant information to the program. The university is responsible for making comprehensive courses that satisfy the current industry standards through a perfectly reviewed curriculum and a practical application-based multidisciplinary approach.

Distance Learning Specializations offered by SGVU

Gyan Vihar University provides distance learning education programmes for BBA,, and BA that are designed for working professionals to help them get the education they need without sacrificing their careers or time.

Gyan Vihar Campus and Industry Connect

SGVU has collaborated with IBM, Google, Amazon, and Bosch to develop collaborative programs. IBM launched BTech programmes in artificial intelligence and machine learning, including digital analytics and other similar courses. All deserving graduates get an IBM certificate. Similarly, Google and Amazon have launched programmes to make students aware of futuristic technological innovations.

Gyan Vihar University is one of the few institutions in the country that focuses on research and development. The university has collaborated with other universities all across the world to bring wide perspectives and practical proficiency to academic consultancies.

So far, SGVU has successfully established nine different centres of research for students. It mainly focuses on critical areas such as agriculture, climate change, and sustainable energy, as well as hydroponics and industry labs such as the Google Android Centre, Bosch Automation Lab, and Amazon Security.

Fee Structure:

Here are the following courses offered by SGVU, CDOE and their fee structure:

Sr. No. Course Course Fee (Rs.) Examination Fee (Rs.)
1 BA 11000/- 3000/-
2 BCom 13000/- 3000/-
3 BBA 20000/- 3000/-
4 MBA 37200/26000/- 3000/-
5 MA 11000/- 3000/-
6 MCom 13000/- 3000/-


SGVU-DE offers a three-year interdisciplinary graduate degree programme in business administration (BBA), which is focused on launching careers in top companies or continuing to pursue postgraduate degrees.

This programme offers students a core of compulsory courses in computer applications, general business law, economics, finance, marketing, and management. On successful completion, students will gain sufficient knowledge and skills in communication skills, logical reasoning, business analysis, and financial management.

Curriculum for Management is as follows:

Semester Subjects
Semester I
  • 1.    Business Communication Skills
  • 2.    Business Mathematics
  • 3.    Introduction to Computers
  • 4.    Principles of Management
Semester II
  • 1.    Business Environment
  • 2.    Business Economics
  • 3.    Introduction to Financial Accounts
  • 4.    Organisational Behaviour
Semester III
  • 1.    Cost Accounting I
  • 2.    Foundation Of Human Skills
  • 3.    Human Resource Management
  • 4.    Principles Of Marketing
Semester IV
  • 1.    Business Statistics
  • 2.    Financial Management
  • 3.    Management Information Systems
  • 4.    Production & Operation Management
Semester V
  • 1.    Enterprise Resource Planning
  • 2.    Elements of Company Law
  • 3.    Business Entrepreneurship
  • 4.    International Economics
Semester VI
  • 1.    E-Commerce
  • 2.    Project Work
  • 3.    Business Regulatory Framework (Mercantile Law)
  • 4.    Business Administration


As part of the Bachelor of Commerce degree programme, learners acquire theoretical knowledge as well as professional and research skills. This programme focuses on developing skill-oriented entrepreneurship knowledge, business communication at critical thinking and proficiency.

Learners will be able to acquire the necessary skills to conduct research and start up entrepreneurship in the fields of commerce and industry. B.Com. is the basis for further study in M.Com. and MBA. They will also be able to avail themselves of wide employment opportunities during their studies.


SGVU-DE offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts program. This programme focuses on course details across multiple domains of the humanities. Along with it, the courses are designed specifically for each domain. With this programme, students learn core skills in the selected domains as well as gain additional knowledge in those domains.

Furthermore, the programme curriculum has been designed so that it can help students strengthen their domain knowledge, which will make a big difference to students who are preparing to take competitive exams.

After completing a BA, the student can opt for an MA for further education. CDOE and SGVU offer MAs in sociology, history, economics, and political science.


It focuses on the study of accounting, commerce, economics, and entrepreneurship, enabling learners to develop knowledge about commerce and, consequently, gain a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship.

A master’s degree in commerce helps students acquire the necessary business skills that are crucial for the modern business environment. It is a good foundation for higher-level research studies. It can offer wide employment opportunities and employability skills for students.


There are 22 specializations available with Suresh Gyan Vihar University’s distance education MBA degree program. Here are the specializations offered with the university’s distance education MBA degree program.

    • Human Resource Management
    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • International Marketing
    • Operation & Production Management
    • Hospital Management
    • Information Technology
    • Financial Planning & Analysis
    • Business Analytics & Intelligence
    • Branding & Advertising
    • Project Leadership Management
    • Banking Management
    • E-commerce Marketing & Management
    • Investment Banking & wealth Management
    • Mass Communication
    • Digital Marketing
    • Risk Management
    • Business Leadership
    • Strategic Management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Media & Entertainment Management
    • Foreign Trade & Global Business Management


Eligibility Criteria for admission in SGVU Distance Learning MBA program:

    1. You need to secure at least 50% in the graduation year from any recognized school/college/university.
    2. Although it is not an eligibility criterion specified by SGVU, the faculty of the institution advises students to have at least two or three years of work experience.
    3. Candidates are required to have cleared the examination certificate for 10th and 10+2 .

Distance MBA Admission Procedure:

Let us understand the step-by-step procedure to apply for Suresh Gyan Vihar University’s distance education MBA:

The process of applying to SGVU is straightforward; candidates can apply online through the university’s website or talk to an admission counsellor with any questions they may have.

    • In order to clear their doubts and to get a good grasp of the course and its possible future, students can visit the university and speak directly with the faculty.
    • The prospectus can be purchased online or off-line. The applicant is required to fill in the exact details, as requested in the form, and submit it with the following documents.


Following the completion of the form and the submission of all required documents, students will receive login details and course materials from the university within 10-15 days.

Attach the following documents:

    1. Please enclose a copy of your birth certificate as proof of your birth.
    2. Include copies of your 10th, 10th plus two, and graduation certificates.
    3. You must enclose a copy of a valid proof of residence such as an Aadhar Card/PAN card/Passport/ Driving Licence/ Electricity or Phone Bill/or if none of these are available, a Bank account statement is required.
    4. A student with any educational gap or with any dependency, such as backlogs or awaited results, is required to submit an undertaking.
    5. Carry two colored passport sized photographs for the process along with Demand Draft of the first fee.

MBA Fee Structure for Suresh Gyan Vihar University (SGVU) and CDEO for Distance Education is as follows: There are two ways in which the candidates can pay those SGVU MBA fees:

    1. Fees can be paid in a lump sum after admission confirmation. SGVU suggests two forms of payment to its students. This would eliminate the need to pay a second, third, or fourth installment
    2. Payments can also be made using no-cost EMI options. You can ask your counsellor about it during your counseling session if you would like more information about it.


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