The MBA in oil and gas management course is a postgraduate degree that combines the skills of business administration with the oil and gas industry. It is a premium course degree that ensures adequate earnings and exposure to the industry.

The demand for fuel is always rising as naturally occurring fuels and their extraction are needed on a regular basis and are global in nature.


MBA (Oil & Gas Management) program for working professionals requires graduation with 50% or better in any subject (preferably with a science, technology, or commerce background) plus two years of experience in oil or gas or related sectors.


The program has a minimum and maximum duration of 3 and 5 years, respectively.


Being in the top 10 list of oil manufacturers in the world, it is estimated that India’s oil and gas industry is going to grow more than 16 percent of its total economic output. Gas markets in India are among the fastest-growing in Asia-Pacific. A technologically innovative management approach in the Oil & Gas industry is essential to achieving and sustaining this growth.

At the end of the process, it could result in revolutionary improvements that will have a profound effect on our energy future. The rising demand for Managers in the Oil & Gas sector in India is creating more opportunities for MBA graduates.

In the current economic environment, management courses are becoming increasingly valuable and dynamic. Industries are allocating new managerial positions each day and looking for individuals with exceptional administrative abilities and the ability to keep up with the rapid pace of industrial revolutions and structural changes in the current economic world.

As a pool of career options expands, the MBA in oil and gas management is slowly emerging as one of the most popular and important courses.

The course teaches you: Governing the Energy Sector in Organizational Contexts, Management of Projects, Law of Oil and Gas Contracts, Corporate Operations, Economic Analysis of Oil and Gas and Asset Management.


The institution fee for an MBA in oil and gas management is around Rs 1-3 lakhs.

Career growth and opportunities

The employment packages offered by recruitment agencies are usually well-paying with many quality benefits. There is a high demand for skilled personnel in the oil and gas industry. This industry is resource oriented and offers a credible and attractive pay package that ranges from Rs 8 to 10 lakhs.

Top universities for distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management are UPES, SGVU, and IGNOU.